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Friday, 24 July 2015

The list

I started checking things off of my list!
1. Visit  Region Sjælland 
Now that the study tour is over, it’s time to focus on seeing Copenhagen! This is what I told myself. It’s ironic that one of the first things I did when I came back was plan a trip to Møns Klint.I had heard so much about it and when I saw an image of that white cliff along an azure blue sea,  I had to go see it for myself. It’s a great haven for nature lovers and I spent a day just hiking around the place. 

2. Party like a Dane
Every morning I wake to sounds of people leaving the clubs. I knew I had to experience the nightlife here and try and “party like a Dane”. Or atleast like the Danes I see coming out of Hive at 5 in the morning. A couple of us decided to go to the meatpacking district. Jolene is a favorite haunt of DIS students.The whole district was alive with activity and music blasting out of all the different clubs and bars there.It was very grungy which was a stark contrast to the pubs I had seen towards Skindergade. The bars were filled with hoards of people, dancing under neon lights. Imagine my surprise when one of the bars I went in to started playing an old Indian song!
3. Experience the local music scene
With the Jazz festival coming to an end, I knew I would miss the sounds of the saxophone I had grown accustomed to hearing from outside my window. I also saw a jazz concert in Kings garden.I wanted to explore the local music scene a bit more-something exclusively Danish. Maria, our student residential advisor, recommended that we go to the TopGunn concert at Tivoli. TopGunn is a Danish rap artist and it was fascinating to listen to music without understanding the language.I went to the concert with a couple of my friends and it was funny to see how we were attempting to sing along to songs we had never heard before, using words that may or  may not have been Danish. I think 
we all left that concert feeling like locals and now 
I have some new songs to add to my playlist.

Monday, 6 July 2015

The last leg

After Norway, it's Sweden!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

A summer with the midnight sun

I spent the summer in Scandinavia. I visited Norway on an architectural study tour. Click below to read about it!