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Friday, 6 December 2013

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Where is "there"?

I find myself finally sitting in front of the screen and typing out words-words that I have been meaning to put down for over a year but somehow,they just never -Well, I suppose it's out of sheer laziness that I haven't written. The words have always been there,carefully crafted in my head. But I convinced myself that these words had to be perfect,the first words that would be representing me to the world.Well that was the perfect way of not ever getting anything done.

Tumbleweeding there. It's sounds awfully dreamy, doesn't it? Something that makes you think of travelling to new places or somehow ending up in places you'd never imagined you'd be because the wind took you there. Or atleast life did.

That's happened to me several times but I don't expect myself to put them down in chronological order.I'm just here to inspire the wanderers and wonderers in all of us.